Dec 22, 2013

Vous. [ne comprenez pas]

How does it feel, she asked Magneto, to be magnetic?  To be able to feel the draw of others toward you?  To exhale and move the planet a little bit to the left or right, depending on your whimsy.

You've got a gravitational pull, a force inside of you that not many others know how to match.  How do you know which direction to go in, which is the right one?  How do you know how to stay a float of the currents of gravity that tug on us all each day?  Doesn't the force of the earth bending downward over power your senses at times?  What's it like Magneto, what's it like?

[vous. ne comprenez pas.]

Dec 18, 2013

Sound off

Salient thoughts of the last fortnight:

Laziness is naught but dissatisfied contempt for the present situation. Mixed with a healthy dose of helplessness.

Fire and damnation await us not.

Is doing living?

If the first step in your plan is "wait for... ", it's time to start looking at plan B.


‪some days I remember the lies you told me and i laugh at both of us‬ ‪at me, for wanting so badly to believe you‬ ‪at you, for having t...