Nov 29, 2011


Pronounced ZAH.  Like the zah in Huzzah (huh? - ZAH).  Or the zah in tsar.

Otherwise known as The Sadistic Aircops.


Nov 26, 2011

Oil, on canvas

She had her paint box out again.  She had left the easel in the closet though; I doubt that it had ever been used.  Instead, she often painted her masterpieces on the floor, polished mahogany with a dark stain, a color approaching burnt fuchsia.

Purple was her favourite colour.  She used it on her dolls hair and her mother's toe nails.  Her brother John's sense of appreciation met, chaotically, his just as equal sense of indignation when her creative talents turned themselves onto his bike seat.

Today's color was black.  Canvas abandoned on the table, she instead applied her paintbrush to every living thing within her reach.

The pet terrier, Jake the yardman, Melissa her friend from fourth grade, Dennis who messaged her on Facebook yesterday, Elizabeth her mother, Dad, Robert the boy from school with the corduroy jeans.

From afar, they blended in to the background hues of charcoal gray, but up close you could see the whites of their eyes, their gleaming, sharp, teeth, displayed between tight, glossy black lips.

It would be her masterpiece.

Nov 12, 2011

Seguranca de nada

Sempre pensei que algum dia alguém teria que me amar.  Que eu nao teria opcao, que cairia em amor sem dar assento.  Que para cair no amor voce so precisava existir.  E seria bastante.

Mas aprendi que a existencia nao necesita o amor.  Que e possivel existir, respirar, ser -- sem um outro que te ama.  E que nada vai garantizar que o amor vem para voce.

Nessa existencia, temos a seguranca de nada, meu.  Nada vem, meu, nada vem.


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