May 18, 2011

Things I Learned While in College

A uncomprehensive list:

- How to pull an all nighter (PHL 610QB, Smith)
- How to bake the best chocolate chip cookies known to mankind (J. Feldman)
- How to roll a cigarette (F. Pernet & M. Wenzel)
- How to eat like a vegetarian (A. Upstill)
- Dancing (still a work in progress)
- When to stop drinking (Emily)
- Good paperwork is key to making a success of a failed project (MIS 374)
- The difference between coding and thinking you know how to code (aka Computer Science vs. MIS)
- How to write bullet lists (BA 324)
- Other people's interest levels in personal projects is exceedingly variable. Usually positive. Use with care. (Hosteling Int'l)
- Craigslist is the one stop shop for all housing and furnishing needs
- People don't care what you got on the SAT, your class rank upon graduation, how many yoga positions you can *almost* nail, how fast you've ran a mile, what the make of your first car was, how old you were when you got your letter jacket, the number of times you've been asked on a date, the number of dates you've been on, how many people are in your family, how old you are

Things I wished I had learned in college:
- Being good at school is just a skill.
- Laughing.

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