Jan 6, 2015

dinner plans

I made so much food tonight.  I chalk this up to the fact that my kitchen is amazing and living and working next to my two favorite grocery stores.  Though after Fairway, the Whole Foods at Bowery does begin to resemble a cheap knock off.

I'm really obsessed with savoy cabbage lately. Specifically making it into soup.  Or cabbage stew.  I usually think of soups as being more broth like, no chunks.  These are full on chunky, but thin broth soups.  Nothing but water and some pepper to fill out vegetables. Lots of freaking vegetables.  To be fair, the potatoes that I tossed in tonight flavored the water a good bit.

This is the 3rd time in a month that I've made savoy cabbage soup/stew.  That's a lot considering that each pot usually lasts me 4 days.  I've been eating savoy cabbage for half a month and I have zero complaints.

I also roasted leeks and brussel sprouts.   The brussel sprouts were to go with the grilled cheese sandwich that I was going to make for dinner.  Originally they were going to be green beans, but there wasn't enough of a selection at the Whole Foods to make them seem appetizing enough.  Instead I got brussel sprouts and another leek.  (There was already one week old leek in the fridge, left over from the last time I made savoy cabbage soup/stew).  I roasted the stalks and chopped and then tossed the coarse leaves into the soup/stew.

The best thing about soup/stew is that you can toss anything in.  Anything at all.  Last time I added ginger chunks.

I didn't make a grilled cheese.  There was too much other food.  And honestly, grilled cheeses can be a lot of work.

The next time that you're making dinner plans I highly recommend savoy cabbage be included in those plans.  You won't regret it.

PS: I finally got my Electric Object working at home.  Except unpaired. Because bluetooth.

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