Feb 4, 2017

Words about Artifice

No artist who sells their work can ever be certain of their motives. 

This is known in artistic circles, and something actively discussed.

I keep circling back to how money corrupts. Because of what it represents. It represents favor or slyness or cheating or charisma or maybe, just maybe, the attainment of expression of inner, absolute beauty, or transcendent emotive.

The question what is beauty is not so important as is the surrender to the emotions that arise. Here, now, in front of your screen, if not in the moment of Revelation.

I read an anecdote once of a man at the seashore with a friend, an Easterner. He remarked on the beauty of the sea and his friend replied: why is it that Westerners circumscribe their range of experience into only that which words express.

People will pay for emotion, regardless of whether their words, or their souls, can also equally describe it.

Does money talk?

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