Aug 13, 2017

typing speed

according to my journal entries on 750 words, I can type out three pages or 750 words (lol) in about 16 minutes.

If a book is 80,000 words, that's a little under 27 hours worth of typing.

27 hours worth of typing to get an entire first draft of a book.  That's pretty fast, isn't it.

That's less than a week of work.

Makes you think, you know. Like how much more do you think that you'd need to put into a book, other than 750 words worth of typing in 16 minute intervals for 27 hours straight.

I guess plot and structure are probably important.

I wonder what part of book writing time is spent just re-reading what you've already wrote. I feel like, if I were to write a book, the thing would grow to a certain point and then stop as I'd no longer be able to re-read the thing and still have time to be productive.

How many times do you think an author reads their novel before they release it out in the world?

Hard to say, monkey, hard to say.

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