Apr 27, 2019


What I want to know is how it came to be like this. With mother, without father. We started together, a state that none of us have known for far too long now. What was life like, back then before the Internet bound us together in an untouchable, unseeable certainty?

What kind of lives were they all living, back then before the Internet? How did it all come together, if at all? Did it come together? What is together, if anything at all?

Why is there so much pain there for us, for all of us?

Juanes plays on the radio and we dance, together. When's the last time that we danced?

What kind of life is it that to live, not knowing the last time that there was common music and common togetherness and just common dancing. Dancing friends. Friends out dancing and loving and moving and breathing pasos.


Que se corres, carita.

Nem quero sobrevivir ainda. Ainda eh a morte que danca pra frente, paso por paso. Sultry, coming, advancing paso a paso, pra frente.

O que voce sabe, ja

Que se vive, ja.

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