Oct 17, 2011

Ginger and Scrambled Eggs

By far, the hands down favorite added ingredient in eggs.  When I'm being super lazy and don't want to add anything (it even renders that pinch of salt less than mandatory).

Per tonight's experimentation, ANY (really I mean any) amount of ginger tastes delicious.  

Though honestly, you'll probably have to lean on the heavier side to be able to taste it. 

SO recipe:
- eggs.  2 if large, 3 if medium/grass-fed organic raised
- ginger (1/2 to 2 tsp)
- butter (about 3/4 tbs)
- salt (if desired, pinch/sprinkle)

Crack eggs in bowl.  Beat with fork until are one yellow color (not patchy, unless you like it that way).
Turn on stovetop to high, medium-high.
Add ginger and salt to eggs. Beat until mixed (ish.  The ginger tends to clump.  This is fine.)
Pan should be hot now.  Add butter, swishing around in the pan as it melts to coat the entire bottom.
Add eggs.  

Note, eggs should quick super quickly.  This makes them fluffier. (Thanks Julia!)

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