Mar 2, 2012

Bolo de queijo -- c. 2007

Cleaning up an old computer to get ready for VM save, I found my 2007 Brazilian Cheese Cake Recipe.  I'm moving it here to free up disk space.

Receita por Bolo de Queijo

- 1 ½ xícara biscoito *crumbs*
- 75 g manteiga
- 2 tablespoons açúcar
- um pouco sal

- 6 150g cream cheese
- 1 ¼ xícara açúcar
- ¾ xícara requeijo cremoso
- 6 ovos grandes, *lightly beaten*
- 2 tablespoons baunilha (liquido)
- 1 teaspoon laranja *zest*
- 1 teaspoon *lemon zest*

- ¼ xícara requeijo cremoso
- ¾ xícara açúcar
- 1 tablespoon baunilha (liquido) ou canela

Fogão: 162° C

Melt manteiga.  Brush some in pan.  Crush biscoitos.  Mix rest of manteiga e açúcar e sal e biscoitos.  Press in pan, bake til golden (~10 min).  Wrap the bottom of the cheesecake pan in aluminum.  Place pan in a roasting pan

Beat cream cheese.  Add açúcar.  Beat until fluffy.  Add requeijo cremoso.  Beat.  Add eggs.  Beat.  Add vanilla & zests.  Beat.  Pour into crust.  Boil water, pour an inch or two into outer roasting pan (the aluminum foil you wrapped around the bottom *should* keep the cake from getting wet).  Put in oven.  Bake 1 hora 10 min.

Mix all ingredients together.  Spread over cheesecake and cook 5 more minutes.

Remove cheesecake pan from roasting pan.  Release the spring and run a knife around the cake and cool to room temperature.

Cover, refrigerate for 8 horas. 

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