Mar 7, 2015

Collected things

A list of things:
- Daydreaming
- 4 - 8 inches of fresh powder
- the colors the sky makes at peak sunset
- detailed crash reports
- blankets

A confession:
Sometimes I buy things that feel unnecessary and a bit extravagant, worrying that I'll never use them. 99% of the time, my worries go unfounded - they're so cherished that I use them constantly. The blanket I'm under was one of those things.

A tweet that got lost on it's way to twitter:
"The correlation between love for blankets and fresh snow powder."

A picture from today:
A snowman in a field of trodden snow. A dog in the distance yaps at his owner. Meanwhile, on the horizon, the sun sets behind clouds.

A truth to live by:
There is more love in the world than hatred.

A scientific fact:
Most humans can distinguish between 10 million colors, but only 30 shades of grey.
via @qikipedia

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