Mar 7, 2015

Red, like the Devil

Today was really hard. But the hard was worth it.

Verizon is the best example of a system that has created a semi-monopoly on a basic necessity, and now that their position and profitability is unquestioned, are using their clout and influence to eek more money out of unsuspecting customers.  Where is the consumer watchdog organization that is supposed to be protecting us from this type of invasive exploitation?

Verizon tracks its customers without their consent, at times in direct opposition to your protests. They sell your data. There is no ethics in their business practices - they own the pipeline that is their customers' communication lifeline. They're exploiting this position - plain and simple.

There is no impetus in Washington to stop them. If you live far out of the range of competitors, your choices are grim. And expensive.

If you can leave them, you should. There are other, more ethical options.

We should all call our senators.

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