Jun 10, 2015

Evil is ...

good intentions* that ignore emotion.  The winning out of 'logic' over and above 'human' considerations.

'human' considerations: emotions, how a perfectly 'emotional' being would be expected to react in such a situation

'logic' : self-encapsulated reasoning that constructs rules in which your underlying desires / self-motivations can be justified.  largely influenced by observed mechanics of the culture / micro-society an individual finds themselves embedded in.

*good intentions that are unintentionally, but in actuality, self-centered? harmful to others?

Exhibit A: Walter from Breaking Bad.  Begins drug trade to pay for cancer.  Stays in drug trade to...?

Exhibit B: The Red Witch / Stannis from Game of Thrones.  Begins quest for throne because God says he should.  Sacrifices personal happiness for supposed victory in battle.  Happiness, but at what cost?

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