Aug 26, 2015

draft copy

** that's a lot of responsability for a vacation, dont you think? **
** reality girl, be realistic.  what's going to make this vacation different than the other ones you've taken? **
** how is spending time trotting around Europe really any different than trotting around NYC? **

if you are a prolific person, then be prolifical

awkwardness is no excuse for lack of manners.
no manners is a fear of interacting.  COWARDICE!?

______ is a very well mannered person.  is it a matter of remembering to interact?
of interacting at the right level? of saying hello, how are you doing?

today, i learned that six thirty is family dinnertime at the neighborhood diner.

i dont want to couch my view as the 'feminist' perspective, but thats what it is.
at the root core of it. a feminine perspective.
rock it girl

if my legacy had to be anything, i think i would want it to be coinage of the term 'dainty hiking'
~~attributes of a 'dainty hiker'~~
- really into ultralight packs (this is a practical concern, a dainty hiker is weak as shit)
- never seems winded
- bounds down hill
- shoes that look more like slippers than hiking boots (see above about being weak as shit. those hiking boots are heavy as fuck)
- always seems to have all the things that you could need.
- crosses streams via the rocks whenever possible (dislikes wet feet)
- takes a lot of pride in finding convenient, well-shielded spots to pee

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