Apr 19, 2017

Dream log

I had you. It was surreal. I got pregnant and my mom came to watch over me. We lived in a big house in the mountains, more like a resort. There was a scoreboard and I hit the right numbers. You had blue eyes and my eyebrows. We talked in Spanish and you were tiny the first day. I thought I had lost you because I fell asleep but mom woke me up and took me to the nursery and there you were. So small.

I took you all the places¯\_(ツ)_/¯, like Ginger and was both good and terrible at it. Then we started watching the scoreboard again and I had to start looking, for something.

We ended up at a hostel for gamers, rooming with a man whose persona was Wolverine. We met him on this secret app that prompted you both for shared secrets. He offered and then I responded, like secret agents saying 'red light's, 'green'. He started with Wolverine's slogan, I responded with his motto. There were 6 right answers but I only knew one.

It didn't seem important though since shyp (that was his name) was more interested in telling me what he knew than figuring my secrets out. I watched him teach cards to the kids and it felt, more than ever like that trip we took to Universal Studios years ago now, when we rode the Hulk rollercoaster in the first row in the pouring rain and the water cut into our eyes like searing hail. Now, looking back, I'm impressed they let us ride it at all.

Your name was my name and it surprised no one. The hardest part was realizing you would come to hate me too, in time, as all people do, eventually, hate their mothers.

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