Apr 11, 2017

Living in Beverly

I just woke up and, in what truly feels like a first, I know the name of the song playing in my head.

There's always a song in my head. I rarely know the words, never know the name.

It will play for hours sometimes, usually just a few bars on repeat, endlessly.

But this morning, this morning, for once, I knew what it was: Weezer's Beverly Hills.

If thirty brings me nothing but the power to Know what song is on my the internal radio, I think that's something worth waiting for.

Man people build some really boring technology. Is anyone working on stuff that would let me figure out what song is playing inside my head, without having to try to vocalize it? Let's solve some hard problems and remove all the incentive I've ever had for learning to sing.


You do realize all this 'technology' people talk about in such glorious terms is just a graphical user interface for the telegraph, right?


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