Nov 10, 2015

The stuff problem

Hi. I have too much stuff. This is a problem as my apartment is fairly small - 14,549 sq ft to be precise. 

It started out rather empty, which I have decided is the root cause of this problem. An empty apartment starts empty but fills up fast.

Also worth examining is my faulty short term memory. My long term memory, which works fine,* remembers my apartment at near empty. The reality is that it has been, in the short term, filled with things that I ordered on the Internet but that have not yet arrived. They're in a state of transit and non-arrival. Non-existent, as far as I am presently concerned.

And so it filled up. I can't move without tripping over a chair or staring at some thing that I need to return, throw away, take to the trash, repair.

Maybe that's a bigger problem - there are too many chores not yet done. Papers waiting to be filed, broken pins that need fixing, magazines that need reading, postcards that need mailing, puppies that need loving.

Or maybe it's the new couch arrangement. Maybe it's the inability to buy big furniture so I end up with lots of scoats,  furniture that clutters the floor.

I should get rid of some things. Go back to empty. Throw away the boa constrictors, recycle the shirts I don't wear, return the borrowed coats, eBay away my collection of vintage computers.

*as an aside, how would you know your long term memory isn't working?

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